Website Marketing Strategies

In my previous posts about How to build a Successful Website you would have noticed that how important users are for your website and how important it is to retain them and so today I would take some Marketing methods and laid down steps you should follow to market your website better. I would use my forums and blogs as an example but this can be applied to any website.

Social Network Marketing

These days everyone thinks that to make money online its a 3 step process.

  1. Get your website online.
  2. Add Adsense to it.
  3. Submit in sites like StumbleUpon / Facebook and make tons of cash.

This actually does not work for anybody because Social Networking Traffic is no doubt viral in nature but to start the viral is not easy and you cannot start it single handedly. You would need lots of genuine users to get the ball rolling.

Second is Facebook / StumbleUpon users would never be interested in Ads on your site because they are not on your site searching for something but they are their because they found something. Read Facebook Ads – A Review and Advertising with StumbleUpon to see how I experimented with Social Networking Ad Platform and was disappointed with its results.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is always a long term game where ranking and getting traffic from Google would always build over time and you should concentrate on getting links to your site and Google would recognize it  start sending users to your site.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing your online presence. The reason I say one of the most is because this is where you actually network socially or otherwise. If user has visited your site and signed up for further updates he is very much interested in what you have to say in future and listen to it. He is a targeted visitor who has the highest potential of becoming a customer.

My biggest mistake with was not starting mailing list from the word go but sooner I realized it, the better. Now I have my mailing list. The Mailing list is powered by Aweber.

I am going to start a guide on Email marketing in the coming posts. Email Marketing is something that most so called internet marketeers overlook yet this is the biggest factor separating the big guys from all the little guys.

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