My Interview in Mint

Screen Shot 2011-12-26 at 12.16.15 PM

My Interview in Mint. Click on the image to read the Offline version. Or you can read online at LiveMint Icing on the cake is, it’s published on my Birthday.

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When to Write Press Release

The right time to write a press release is now. If it is bit tough to get it done now then you should at least have that kind of mindset so you never miss to get a PR out. According to me the best time to write a press release is Announcement of new product […]

How to Write Good Press Releases

Effective press releases have a consistent format which helps the reader (as well as third party publisher) to get the information about the PR very easily with a glimpse. The widely accepted format is Headline – Title that draws the reader Summary – Two to three sentence to sum up everything about PR Date & […]