SEO Spammer

Almost everyday I get emails like this.

And normally I just report them to Google and delete it but this weekend I just thought of going through one of the spam to see what those spammer’s offer. I visited the website and saw a website where they offer those services.

Wanted to see how well they rank their own site and saw this on Google.

Pitty. In 8 years they could not get their own site rank on first page for their own company name.

I was just curious to know more about the history of 8 years and so went on to check Whois information for the domain and found that domain was created on 30th April 2010. 1 year and still they are actually not able to rank their own site. I really doubt the future of those 30 firms from US, UK, Australia and parts of Europe.

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  • suvo

    Exactly. My Mail id is also Spammed by such lairs. I’m also a victim of SEO Spam

    • Shabbir

      What do you mean by that?

      • suvo

        I mean some other company also mail me like this.