My Interview in Mint

My Interview in Mint. Click on the image to read the Offline version.

Or you can read online at LiveMint

Icing on the cake is, it’s published on my Birthday.

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  • Karthic

    I’m just going through your other websites. Awesome man! You are good at both technical and business. Thats a rare combination! All your websites are serious and seem to have many loyal users. I’m sure it would have taken you a many hours to build such a loyalty. All the best for your future stuff, Shabbir!

    • Shabbir

      Thanks for those wishes Karthic.

  • Prasanna

    Hey shabbir, Kudos man. Not for what you are today but for the path that you have travelled across. The road less travelled. The spirit of doing business and taking risk is in your blood. Just wish you will grow more. I read an article today in ET. I was impressed. And i happened to read your article after that. I wish you will soon reach a better status soon. 3L of revenue per month is still smaller. Aim for the sky :)

    • Shabbir

      Hi Prasanna, thanks for those kinds words.

  • Amrik

    I saw this article.
    It’s really good.

    • Shabbir

      Thanks Amrik for the feedback.

  • vmv

    hi ! Congrets ! ( for b’day and off coerce the article)
    I saw the article and than this site !
    I hope to learn and earn form it.
    best wishes. vmv

    • Shabbir

      Great that you found the site through the news because editors have messed up the url with an extra s on my main site.

  • Abhik

    That’s awesome Shabbir.
    Interviews in print/online media surely helps in getting known.
    But, I wonder why there’s no single mention of imtips?

    • Shabbir

      IMTips is still not among the top revenue generators for me and they mention in order of revenue.