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    I bought my first mac machine in 2008. A Mac Mini for $600 when I went to LA for 2 weeks. I used it for a while and switched back to Windows. Sold my Mac mini on ebay for 16k INR.

    Then I bought a MacBook Pro 13″ by March 2011. Now using it for the past 10 months with no worries. However only for browsing and mobility. Most of the work still gets done only on Win 7. I am not able to make a complete transition into Mac OS yet.

    Also I recently added a corsair force 3 120gb ssd to my MBP and now it is awesome fast. It supports SATA 3 interface. :) You should try it too. That SSD costs around 10k and does not void warranty if you upgrade HDD.

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      I have done most of the transition to MAC but is restricted to be using Windows for only 2 things.

      1. My trading softwares by some of the Indian brokers does not work on MAC yet.
      2. I ma yet to transfer all my drive content to MAC and is referring Win using TeamViewer

      So I am making all the efforts to move to MAC and yes I agree, it is slightly tough but I think it is worth it. Now when I use Windows, I get irritated with those annoying blockages like Not responding and things like those.

      Still my MBP is awesomely fast and I think there is some time before I need to focus on making it faster but yes will look into those things.

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        You can install Windows 7 on your Mac using boot camp. I did that and now I use Windows 7 when on the move. It boots up into Mac OS each time until you change boot option in the system preferences. Once you set it to Windows 7 it boots up in Win 7 every time until you change it. So it can work entirely like a PC or entire like a Mac. No need to select OS every time you boot.

        Also I strongly recommend that you buy Protection Plan for your MacBook Pro. I just bought it today for Rs.12,800 from my local Apple re-seller. MBPs do give problems in 1 year or so and parts are too costly for Mac. This Protection plan extends your coverage to upto 3 years. Also do not buy from Ebay or amazon.

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          Yes, I have plans to buy protection plans after few months and as of now not planning to be with Win anymore. If I can I would love to be using MAC because everything I do is mostly online stuff.

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