I Am Hiring

I did share how much money I make in Elance as an individual Freelancer like here and here. I am almost touching 50,000 USD earning in Elance


But this post is not me making money in Elance but about me hiring talent from Elance. I have also completed hiring $2000+ worth of writers at Elance.


I am hiring writers for Programming, Web Development for Go4Expert. Are you willing to work for me. Just drop me a note here.

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  • http://abhicareer.blogspot.com Abhishek

    Can u please tell me hw to get such work ?
    As i am not an engineering graduate

    • http://imtips.co/ Shabbir

      Hi Abhishek, I am hiring and you don’t need to be an engineer to work for me. Can you let me know your expertise.