What’s Your Take On Google’s Drop in Profits?

Recent quarterly results of Google have shown drop in profits by as much as 20% and the reason Google has is

Advertisers bidding less for ads as they see more people moving to mobile devices.

What’s your take on this?

In February 2012 I predicted Adsense is Not Dead But Dying A Natural Death and though 30% of my online income was from Adsense in 2011, I switched gears in 2012 and focused ways to make money online away from Adsense – Partnerships. For 2013, I have even better plans and will be sharing the same once I have cemented the option.

Getting back to the original question. What’s your take On Google’s drop in profits? Sound off in comments.

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  • http://semexpert.co.za Colin Brazendale

    Is Google saying mobile sites have less ads to click? Or how is mobile sites reducing their income?

    I have not see a drop in cpc for my Adwords campaigns, but hope it comes down. I have see a spike in clicks when Adwords changed their ”phrase match” setting to show related and misspellings too. I did not like that at all, but I have made adjustments since.

    Could it be because of Panda and Penguin updates? One of the most expensive keywords in South Africa is ‘debt counselling’. After the update Google is ranking a pdf as no 1 website with no ads on. So I am thinking, there must be more examples where Google is ranking websites with no ads instead of the ‘made for adsense’ websites.

    What do you think?



    • http://imtips.co/ Shabbir

      Colin, it could be that sites that rank well has nothing to do with Ads but then sites that focus on making earning through ads focuses on optimization and that could have an impact.

  • http://lenzfire.com Arun Lenzfire

    Ya I noticed the gradual decrease in CPC from Adsense. I’m too thinking of making some paid e-books from my tutorials and other articles..

  • http://www.bloggingshiksha.com Amit

    Thanks Shabbir for your reply, I would be glad if you could provide any of affiliate programs or revenue sharing programs for Indian Traffic because most of my blogs are getting Indian traffic.

    • http://imtips.co/ Shabbir

      Offers does not depend on GEO only but also Niche but one of them is Shaadi.com which pays 40 Rs per lead.

  • http://www.bloggingshiksha.com Amit

    Hi Shabbir,

    Currently I am having only one source of earning from my blogs i.e. Adsense. I tried few other networks but found those are paying very less than adsense, specially in case of Indian traffic.

    Can you suggest some good networks which pays well for indian traffic.

    • http://imtips.co/ Shabbir

      Amit, Google’s revenue going down by 20% suggests that sites focusing on earnings only from ads will have an impact. You have to opt for either more traffic to make for the loss of income or look for other ways to monetize your website. Things like Affiliate Marketing or even memberships.

      On top of that the SEO game has also changed. In 2005ish kind of days, you could pull a website, get bunch of content, get bunch of links and you could just dominate Google but these days you need to have content that is more engaging, social and this means you have to get content that is more shareable and that would not happen unless your content is really liked by users to be shared.

      So you have to not only focus on different monetization options but also new ways to SEO as well to generate the extra traffic.

  • Shekhar Sharma

    Same thing happening with Facebook revenue numbers as well and so I would say it is more of a Global meltdown effects

    • http://imtips.co/ Shabbir

      I would not completely disagree with it.

  • Shiraj

    I have seen so many people who relied only Adsense as only source of income are either out of business or are having issues maintaining their lavish lifestyle.

    You should always look for ways to diversify your income even when things are going well.

    • http://imtips.co/ Shabbir

      Exactly. I always relied on Adsense but did not stop experimenting other option. Testing things is best foot forward for webmasters.