FREE Google Adwords Coupons – $100 Worth of FREE Advertising

Many readers have asked me if I have any Google Adwords coupons that I can share with them. Let me share a simple trick that allows you to grab as many Adwords coupons as you want for all your accounts.

Signup for new account at Google Adwords with new email address and phone number. Google will review your request and send you a coupon via email within few hours after you signup.

If you have any issues do post them in comments below and I will be more than happy to help to the extent I can but remember the decision to give you an Adwords coupons lies with Google only and there is no one who can provide you with those coupon like Google itself.

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Note: You can have issues promoting Affiliate sites into Adwords. Read Adwords Issues with Affiliate Marketing

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  1. says

    Thank you! Just what I was looking for. been trawling all over the net and didn’t even think to go to the source – G Adwords itself. Thanks.

  2. says

    wow god, awesome guys finally i got a site where i can get live coupons guys really so nice of,thanx a lot on providing information on coupon codes, really i will spend a nice time in this month end.Thank u for sharing with us.

  3. Subhodeep says

    Free is not always free!! :)
    Google free coupon in new a/c can be used after activating the a/c with INR 500. This I saw while trying to utilize the FREE code :)
    So, in other words get INR 1500 / $75 credits activated by spending INR 500…

  4. says

    That’s an good way to get those free credits. One more way I can suggest is to – “Phone Google”. If you call them for opening an AdWords account they provides you 1500 INR credit free in India. Their number is +91-11-6622-9999
    BTW, this thing was asked by one Google executive when I was talking with them, not sure whether its available till now or not! ;)

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