How to Find Relevant Sites For Generating Backlinks [Special Google Trick]

We all understand that we can generate lots of backlinks by commenting on related forums and blogs but the question may come as to how to find sites such sites. Let me share with you a special trick to find such sites using Google.

Use Google to search Powered By terms to find CMSes that can be potential for comments (read backlinks).

  • powered by wordpress
  • Powered by BlogEngine
  • Powered by Blogsmith
  • powered by Typepad
  • powered by scoop
  • Powered by PHPbb
  • Powered by vBulletin
  • Powered by SMF
  • powered by Simple Machines
  • powered by punBB
  • Powered by Tagbox
  • Powered by DRBGuestbook
  • powered by bbPress
  • powered by yabb
  • powered by ip.board
  • powered by invision power board
  • powered by e-blah
  • powered by xmb
  • powered by fudforum
  • powered by fluxbb
  • powered by forum software minibb
  • powered by phorum
  • powered by quicksilver forums
  • powered by seo-board
  • powered by ubb.threads
  • powered by the unclassified newsboard
  • powered by usebb forum software
  • powered by xennobb
  • powered by yaf
  • Powered By MyBB
  • powered by icebb
  • powered by javabb
  • powered by viscacha
  • Powered by Pligg
  • Powered by PHPDug
  • Powered by MediaShare
  • Powered by clipbucket
  • Powered by VidiScript
  • Powered by PHPMotion
  • Powered by ClipShare
  • Powered by iVidPlay
  • Powered by iSoftScripts
  • Powered by VShare
  • Powered by Video CMS
  • Powered by PHP Melody
  • Powered by SkaDate
  • Powered by Sharemixer
  • Powered by SocialMedia
  • Powered By ONEsite
  • powered by insoshi
  • Powered by Ning
  • powered by buddypress
  • powered by elgg
  • Drupal Powered Websites
  • Powered by Drupal
  • powered by b2evolution
  • powered by Mephisto comment
  • powered by subtext
  • Powered by s9y comment
  • powered by socialwebcms
  • Powered by ModX
  • powered by Concrete5
  • powered by Plone
  • powered by soapblox
  • powered by Fireboard
  • Powered by ExpressionEngine
  • Powered by KickApps
  • powered by snitz forums
  • Powered by AEF
  • Powered by Beehive
  • Powered by FruitShow
  • Powered By Webs ID
  • Powered by free article directory
  • Powered by Article Friendly
  • Powered by ArticleMS
  • Powered by Article Dashboard
  • Powered by OpenLD

Using the above terms we can find forums and blogs for generating backlinks.

As an example let us say we want to find .edu domains that have a vBulletin forum and is related to fitness niche. Our search term in Google should be

“powered by vBulletin” fitness – Like this

I hope this helps fellow webmasters build a link power house for their sites. Share your feedback in comments below and don’t forget to check out my Link Building Strategies that actually work.

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  1. says

    Thank you so much for posting these footprints. I can now do more back-linking without having to spend time for searching. Thanks!

  2. SEO link monster review says

    Hi, thanks for the great info. Everybody is always writting how important is to get free backlinks by yourself but finally I see some useful info about how to really do it

  3. says

    i a regret this

    I think you can give me the perfect answer for my question. Are no-do-follow blogs totally worthless?thanks very much,i am just fing the backlinks
    your post really do me a good favor
    excpect your following post.

    • says

      Not at all. no-do-follow authority blogs can actually drive traffic to your website. It may not have benefits in SE but the traffic is what can matter.

  4. says

    Thank you for sharing the useful post to find out relevant site for generating backlinks.
    This is exactly what I needed! I was just on Digital Point forum reading a thread that specifically asks for this and now I get to share with them! Wonderful post!

    I never thought that searching for relevant sites for back links would be this easy. Thanks a lot for sharing. I am writing down these lists.

  5. says

    Thank you for sharing the useful post to find out relevant site for generating backlinks. I highly appreciate your given search terms which I was looking for previously and fortunate got it from your post.

  6. says

    Enormously enlightening thank you, There’s no doubt that your trusty readers would certainly want a great deal more blog posts along these lines carry on the good content.

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