11 Easy Ways To Build 2000+ Backlinks

There are lot of people who do lot of things but a good plan with just 10 minutes of work daily can build you 2000+ backlinks. Now your definite question will be how? Let me tell you first few simple ways to build backlinks.

Link Building Ways?

  1. Blog comments - You don’t have to spam on every blog but just posting genuine comments on good blog’s in your niche can help you get many decent related links.
  2. Forum Participation - Many forums including Go4Expert.com allows you to put links in your signature. Each post you make in forum and your link is automatically added at the end of the post giving you good number of backlinks just for being nice in forum.
  3. Social Media – Having an online profile on sites like Twitter / LinkedIn can help you get some really good incoming links to your sites.
  4. Bookmarking – Always add your content to sites like StumbleUpon.com, Digg.com, reddit.com, or del.icio.us. It is not important to submit to all but only those which suits your niche and that can help you in growing related links.
  5. Directories - Submit your site to popular niche directories. Avoid directories that charge you. They’re usually not worth the price; directory submission is best done when outsourced. There are people who can get this done in no time. Remember not to over do directory submission and 1000 directories are more than enough.
  6. Link Exchange - Exchange links with other fellow webmasters in the same niche. Remember the word same niche.
  7. Internal Article Links - When you write more blog posts or articles link back to your older articles. This not only helps building links but also helps user to get deeper into your site.
  8. Content - Create compelling content that people actually want to link to. From Experience “A Complete Guide” type of articles get lot of links.
  9. Spy on your Competitor – Check your competitors to see if there are any available links. The operator I use in Yahoo is simply “œlink:pageurl -site:domain.com“ (no quotes) obviously and changing the parts in italics for the site that is actually ranking well for my keyphrase.
  10. Free Websites – Sign-up with sites like Squidoo, Blogger, Hubpages … , write about whatever you please, and link to yourself however you want.
  11. Ask - Last but by no means the least. Ask people to link back to your site. Do not worry about the fact that many will not link but if few do it, it can take you a long way.

How to get 2k+ links?

Find 3 blogs and 3 forums in your niche and make one post daily on each of those and you will have 2000+ backlinks to your website in a year’s time. Imagine how much web traffic that would drive to your blog with hardly 10 minutes of effort break daily.

I am not counting on the 9 other ways of adding more links.

The problem is most people don’t have it in them to do this every day. They can waste hours doing wrong things but when it comes to actual implementation they lack a strategy.

Get yourself a good strategy to building related links over time. Do not try to do things overnight.

Now, if you’re wondering how to find blogs your 15% of the job is already done. You have already found your first blog aka imtips.co :)

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