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Recently I have seen lots of activities in the earning money from home kind of posts at  Go4Expert Forum. After leaving the Job from Lexmark India I have been working on my forums and website and also doing lot of freelancing and I would share all my experience here.

If you search Google for freelance work you would approximately get 13,100,000 and I am sure there are very few of them which are genuine. I have experimented lots of them like adtyping jobs and many other over past few years and here I have selected few of the best freelance “work to earn money” sites for getting freelancing work.


This is one of the best Freelance site where you can find some really good work and it has interface which is very simple and easy to use. Elance is not totally free but then you can start without giving any money and get the feel about the site. Free users would get very limited connects ( which is needed to bid on project ) and so for new users at times it takes more time for bid to convert because of no history.

I would suggest you to take the tour of how Elance work for provider. It would make your understanding clear for how elance works. See my profile at elance to satisfy yourself. I am still available for Freelancing as well if you want to hire me. :D and you can also go through the open jobs and projects in


One of the best website for buyers looking for cheap work but not good for freelancers because you may be getting some cents per hour if not less. See my profile which is quite old but can see that you can get work and earn money freelancing.


For me the next best site after Elance for Freelancing is oDesk. The reason I prefer oDesk over other is because it was (and is) one of the top few sites for finding long term clients.

There are numerous other websites which has worked for others like scriptlance.com, getafreelancer.com but never worked for me because I do not work for $1 a day. :(

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    • Salm says


      What difference did you find in 99hours.com? It looks like exactly the same way like any other boring online freelance sites that exists.

      No difference. The same strategy and boring experience. Please share if you find any difference in this site from Elance, guru.com or V worker?

  1. says

    Wao! Shabbir Bhimani,
    How a nice profile you have built on elance! I appreciate your great effort and congratulate you for this achievement. BTW this internet marketing tips blog is so much helpful. Really I am thanking you from my mind:)

  2. says

    This is fantastic site..
    actually i am also work on SEO company. but i have not get sufficient salary so please give me advise what can i do??

    • Sa says

      Hello itcharters,

      Went through your portal. I do not see anything different or unique from many other hundreds of freelance websites available online.
      Hope you will have something different from others!

  3. says

    I am an SEO expert and done so many successful projects; now want works from home. Can you tell me the place where i can get SEO/SEM related workds from home. Anyone can contact me at given email in my blog

    • says

      Hi Gopal, Yes I did mention but remember that when you hire programmers there are lot of risk involved to get project done. Ideally you can hire companies to get your work done. This way it reduces the risk of getting things done and you only pay when they get it done. Search for small companies around your locality

  4. Salman says

    Please let me know your views about my previous post. Alternatively, you can also send me a mail to the mail address mentioned here as well.

    Thanks and regards.

  5. Salman says


    I can understand about your concern. Any way, there is nothing wrong in trying out, whether it is small or big assignments. The only thing is to get started first. The big size project will come once established.

    I have done many freelance assignments online where in I directly interacted with few companies in Bangalore, the city where I stay. I have worked with one leading web hosting company for almost two years where I handled their Content research and rewriting assignments on freelance basis. Though this company is located just two kms from the place I reside I never visited that place or meet up directly with anyone out there. I have done the entire business through email. In fact, this has saved lots of their time as well as mine. Ultimately, the company benefited.Like this many people do work for such companies. Unfortunately, this company has shifted their base from Bangalore to Europe recently so my contract with them is ceased now.

    What I am trying to tell you is that, it is so simple and easy to interact through email and net for any sort of business interaction. In fact, I spent lesser number of days than any other direct employees in this company to finish a task just becuase I need not travel up and down everyday and need not spend time for one on one discussion with the person I am reporting. Everything were possible via mail and chat. I was more efficient becuase I get enough time everyday to finish my work and I always finish my task much before my schedule. Result: Better quality work finish within the time frame allotted. All these were possible just because I work from my home office.

    I am writing this post because I have been reading your post regularly for quit some time. I think you are one of very few from India who do online business very seriously and disciplined way. I would like to appreciate you for that. Your topic subjects have very large diversity- from stock market tips to computers and from online business to Search Engine Optimization!

    I would be happy to provide more information about me. If you want to see my previous work ( Editing and content researching) I can send you across those samples. I would also like to introduce you my new blog ( though it is still in its infant stage) where I post articles of and on.

    • says

      Hi Salman, check out my Elance profile and you will see that I am so busy with blogging and other products that I hardly go for big bucks projects. I already made more than $10k in elance but then that is what I cannot afford to do now because I guess I am fine without it for few months when I put things together for something better and bigger. This actually does not mean I do not handle freelancing work but then I do not go for any new client work and mainly do the old maintenance job of my existing clients on a very critical basis. In my post yesterday I shared what I make and how much and you can see that freelancing is still 10% of what I make monthly.

  6. Salman says

    Greetings and thanks for your response sir!

    In fact, I tried all my ways to start with elance but in vain. I noticed many experience people like me also failed to get their first assignments.

    Sir, I wonder you deny projects awarded to you just becasue you do not have time. I request you to accept the same I will do that work for you. We can work out some thing that is mutually beneficial to both of us. I request you to kindly think of it. Please let me know when you are online so that we can chat online in this regard.

    Why you need to loose your business Shabir sir? It will help you in a great way especially when you want to continue with freelancing in a big way in future. Besides that, you are helping me to start with freelance projects. ( WIN-WIN solution for both of us)

    Waiting for your response and look forward to work with you sir.

    Thanks and regards.

    • says

      Salman, the fact is I cannot outsource such small projects and I also have the same offer from a dozen people here as well. The only problem is I want the person doing it in front of me and I cannot outsource such small sized works. I may actually waste lot of time explaining it rather than doing it myself.

  7. Salman says


    I read all your articles about freelancing. In fact, I gave a try with elance, Lime Exchange etc few months back. I also gave a try with blogging. I have a blog running for almost 8 months now.

    I spent lots of time going through these Freelance sites. They look good but getting an assignment is very tough, especially to the new comers. I started with their free account to have a feel of it. Since I am in to content rewriting, editing actitivities, I applied to many requirements came up with these websites. I got responses from few of them but never able to stuck a deal so far.

    Shabir, I wonder how to get that first project? I spent lots of time on it modifying my profile and making it more impressive but I could never go beyond few online conversation with prospects.

    I would like to ask you. How do you manage with your freelancing along with your other online activities such as blogging, networking etc. Do you find time for all these sir?I always think, you must be habing few online freelancers working online for your freelance projects. It is a good idea becuase you know the way to get assignments from sites like Lime Exchange, elance and all.

    People like me can work on your projects online becuase we people good at our editing, writing, and other administrative work but not very good with the way of winning assignments online with these freelance websites.

    I hope you will give a thought about it. Please pen down your veiw on this idea Shabir sir.

    With thanks and regards.

    • says

      Salman, The best way to get a project is to show your expertise. If you can do that you can get the projects almost each time. I have more than 33% of Award ratio in Elance but currently I don’t have to even bid and I get so many invites that I had to deny clients.

      Now about managing time I am finding it difficult and so yes I am planning to hire people but it is few months down the line.

  8. TP says

    Congratulations for putting up such a wonderful website. I have a query relating to
    using paypal for accepting payments. What is meant by paypal credit card verification ? Is a credit card absolutely mandatory to using paypal for withdrawing funds ? Is a import export card from the government absolutely necessary for providing freelancing services and for running affiliate programs on one's website. What are legal formalities to be observed in running affiliate programs.


    • says

      Credit Card I will say a Must but not the export card and it was out of confusion from PayPal and its not needed anymore.

      Without Credit card you can start but then its better to be getting one as soon as you can.

  9. amar says

    thak god i found this post.. many of my doubts are now cleared..

    but, still i have few more, and i think this is the right place to ask :-)

    i want to sell themes and designs online internationaly.. i have birth cirtificate, bank account (Axis bank – debit card), and also a pan card.. i want to use PayPal buttons for taking payments.

    i have developed the site, registered in PayPal and created the payment buttons..

    what i have to do now. is there any other paperworks required to start the bussiness legally??

    and i am interested in goDaddy.com for domain name registration. do i need more papers to get hosting services from a web-host outside of india…

    i am confused with all this legal stuff…


    • says

      Nice to read reviews about other freelancing website, currently we are using freelancer.com , it did not do much for me, maybe because a lot of professionals are already there OR because of any other problem. Well it not bad to give try to these other websites.

      • says

        Freelancer has acquired many other freelancing sites including vWorker and so there is surge of freelancers as well as projects but this also makes environment too competitive for freelancer as well.

  10. supreetha says

    Hello Sir,
    I am supreetha Rao. I have done my Diploma in Computer Science for 3 years. What other course can i do to furnish my knowledge? What do you think is the course for computer stream & where in bangalore it's available?

  11. Sharmila. S. Shetty says

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I am interested in part time online jobs (data entry or form filing jobs), but without investment. If you have any job please share with me.

    Sharmila. S. Shetty


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