DevHub Review

Lets be honest… . No matter how easy it is to build your blog these days, it do require you to do lot of things like getting a good web host, find that perfect theme for your blog, Installing the plugins… . The process does not end here and you may need to wait for few months and reach some traffic levels before you get into advertising networks.

But today I will tell you something where you don’t need anything like those to make your website going and it is as simple as click, drag, drop and EARN. Yes you heard it right. Click, drag, drop is all you need to do to setup your website and start earning.

First check out my site which I have just setup –

You might be wondering how?

I did this in few minutes using DevHub’s Dashboard with few drag and drops.

Devhub is a website builder with a gaming touch. You can build web site or blog with which can be anything like social media page, local business website, blog, or an affiliate websites and make money with it instantly.

As you build your site you get DevHub coins which you can trade in the Market to buy services or merchandise to enhance your site.

You read all good things about DevHub now it’s the time for not so good things about DevHub.

  • I just keep getting error when using the DevHub Dashboard

    but then when I check my site I do not see any such error. So I assume it is the error with the panel and does not affect the live websites.
  • The Recommendation information when you are editing your website in the bottom left corner is very annoying and no matter how many time you minimize it, it keeps coming back after each save.
  • You do not have much control over the navigation column and you can only work on things in the other 2 columns.

Final Thoughts

According to me it is a good place to start for people who are not comfortable at getting that techy stuff.

Do share your thoughts and experience about DevHub in comments below

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  • Lane

    I tried to set up a website for our small business using devhub and it was not what I expected. The site is slow, not user-friendly, and we received no support when calling and emailing with issues we had; it needs an upgrade badly.

  • audrey

    I am having second thoughts setting my site in devhub. Is it better than blogger? And how do you earn from it? What’s the percentage of your earnings and theirs?

    • Shabbir

      Hi Audrey, No I don’t rank it better than blogger but then it allows you to get things done using drag and drop and so much easier to have your few page website online.