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25 SEO Tips That Every Webmaster Should Know


Any online business needs to consult an SEO at some point of time and as a Webmaster understanding SEO always helps. So let me share a complete list SEO tips that every Webmaster should know.

Google Automatically Merges +1’s of 301 Permanent Redirected URLs where As Facebook Like Doesn’t


Google+ merges +1’s of old and new URLs for 301 permanent redirects where as Facebook and twitter does not do anything about it.

Five Major Factors Affecting Search Engine Optimization After Google Penguin Update

MBAGuys Analytics

What are important Factors Affecting SEO and how to remain protected from those wild penguin and panda updates (Pun intended) from Google.

Can Site Wide Links Trigger Over Optimization Penalty?


6 month old site saw a traffic dip around 20th March when Google Announced penalizing over optimized sites. Let us Analyze and see what could be the Real reason for fall.

Keyword Research For SEO – A Complete Guide


Keyword research is the most important aspect of search engine optimization or SEO and let me share my process of keyword research and SEO.

Keyword Winner Review – Little Secret Behind Great Titles


Let me share my little secret to writing great blog titles – Keyword Winner. I will Analyze Keyword Winner with stats, facts and figures to help you understand what it’s all about and show how you can also use it to generate SEO friendly titles that can rank well in search engines.

Online Reputation Management Tips


Let me share real examples to not only help you understand online reputation management but also give you step by step guide to enhance your online reputation

How to Track Social Media Traffic in Google Analytics


Google Analytics don’t have tracking for Social Media traffic as default option but with custom segments you can track social media traffic in Google Analytics.