How and Where to Begin Blogging

When I read many posts on SEO forum and discuss with many members over chat, email or even over phone I see many are afraid to take the first step because of the kind of scams they read. When I refer them to they are just perplexed with my suggestions and proof which I show them. I would lay down some beginners easy steps on how you can start making money online blogging but if you are looking for some freelancing way of making money see Earn Money Freelancing.

Domain & Hosting

There are many webmaster including me ( at times ) who prefer to get domain name after selecting the niche and get keywords into the domain but for blogs I prefer to have a domain which is more personal like my other finance blog or even ( which is as of now just registered for namesake but planning to blog on personal things in future ) because its your personal blog where you share your own thoughts. So get yourself prepared to get now at JustHost for free for life with the hosting plan of 6+ months. Check Cheap Shared Hosting for reviews of some of the best yet cheap hosts.

Right “niche”

When you have your domain and host ready installing wordpress should not be much more than just few clicks and once you are done with it you are ready with your first blog. Now setting up the blog was not the only aim of yours and so now you should start writing about what you like be it sports or entertainment you should like to do some research about it and be able to establish your authority in the blog. Being a technical person I always write about my development experiences at G4Ef.

Lets take an example of, you would hardly listen to me if I tell you any XYZ product can make you millionaire but if I can show how I have used the same XYZ product to my advantage you would love to give it a try. So  you would always see me blogging about things I have experimented with and worked for me. Be it suggesting hosts or suggesting good ad networks or any other product or book.


When you talk about online marketing people mainly think about Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) and Search Engine Marketing ( SEM ) but before you work on SEO / SEM the other most important way to market online is Email Marketing which many tend to avoid. SEO and SEM can bring Guests your blog but you need to convert them into user and ultimately to customer and for this you would always need to contact your user and remind them about the latest happenings at your blog and the best way to do that is to use Aweber. Check out detailed Aweber review. According to me no blog can become successful without Aweber.

Sell your Adspace

After creating a wonderful blog and full of readership with Aweber, the next thing you should start is find some advertisers in your niche who would be interested in placing ads on your website. There are some good Ad-networks like Adsense or Bidvertiser but to make money from them you need tons of traffic and all you would make is few dollars per thousand page views but if you can sell your own Ad inventory you can make considerably more money. I prefer to use TextLinkAds / Linkworth to sell some links as well as banners on monthly basis. Remember blogging for Adsense is one of the Most Common Blogging Mistake you need to avoid.

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    I am a beginner and motivated after reading your article.