AWeber Footer SlideUp – My First WordPress Plugin

There are many Footer Slideup form’s available but the problem is they all charge for the script and that is not one time fees but month on month fees for the script. Being a developer myself I thought of creating my own and many of my clients as well as blog users asked the same script from me and so here I come with my first official WordPress plugin AWeber Footer Slideup.

Plugin Description

Footer Slideup Form is one of the best ways to ask your user to subscribe to your list without any interruption or blocking and this plugin does exactly that. It adds an AWeber subscribe form in the footer of your WordPress blog. AWeber is one of the better Auto-responders in the market and it allows you to send series of email message to subscribers. You can read my detailed AWeber review.

Installation Instructions

  1. Generate an Inline form using the AWeber Web form Interface.
  2. Grab the HTML code of your AWeber Form and Search for Hidden Div which lists all the hidden form fields for subscription. You will see it just after the <FORM> tag.
  3. Upload the plugin folder aweber-footer-slideup in the wp-contents/plugins folder.
  4. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  5. Edit Options under the Menu ‘AWeber Footer SlideUp’. Paste the hidden div HTML Code generated in Step 2.

More detailed installation instruction are here


How to Edit the Tag Line Subscribe By Email for Weekly Updates?

Heading Tag Line (Optional) in the admin interface of the plugin. Leaving it blank will show the default tagline.

What is Tracking Image URL of AWeber Webform (Optional)?

AWeber RAW HTML Webform tracks the form views and other stats with an image. If you would like to see how many users submit using the footer form you need to add the unique image url of AWeber into the field value. Just near the form end tag you will see <img src=”SomeValue” border=”0″ />. Just copy the SomeValue from the HTML code and past it in Tracking Image URL of AWeber Webform. The Image URL will not be any normal jpg/gif like image.

If you have more queries and questions (Which I am sure you will have) Please post them in comments below and I will be more than happy to help you on this matter.

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  • Shabbir

    Plugin Version 1.09 Released which adds the feature – Hides Slideup After Form Submits

    Enjoy and don’t forget to let me know what more is needed from this plugin.

  • Roxie Torres

    For some reason when I check my mobile device the footer doesn’t show up, is there a reason why?

    • Shabbir

      Yes it has been disabled on mobile because there is just too small space to show up on mobile.

  • andrew

    Hi there, I love your plugin.

    But I do have one minor irritant on my end that I hope you can help me fix easily. The theme I use had the left hand sidebar fixed. I had a lot of contact on it so I made it scrollable with the rest of the page but in doing so, now the sidebar elements overlap on top of the footer slide-up at the bottom whenever you scroll down the page.

    I’m not that great with css and such. Is there a quick way to make aweber footer slideup the topmost element so that everything scrolls or appears underneath it always (rather than over top). See the website and scrolldown to see what I mean. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!!! :)

    • Shabbir

      Sure Andrew. Just add the following line in your theme’s style.css

      div#footerform {z-index:101 !important;}

      And that should do the trick. I had the z-index define to keep things on top of everything but your theme sets it just too high value and so we have to set it something more than that.

      • andrew

        That fixed it perfectly! Thank you!

        Where I can send you a small donation for your help and the awesome plugin! :)

        • Shabbir

          Being in India, I cannot accept personal payments or Donation but you can always send business payment to shabbir at 😀

  • Richard Jay

    Nice plugin. Got it working in 5 minutes.

    But just one thing: after someone has filled in the form and signed-up, the footer still stays. As they’ve subscribed I’d have thought it wouldn’t show up anymore. Is that how it is supposed to work or do I have some kind of issue ?

    • Shabbir

      Yes it is suppose to work that way only Richard. What you are suggesting is doable and will think about implementing the same in the next release.

  • Saba

    Plugin CSS is stored in file and you can copy the content of the CSS file and paste into your theme’s CSS file. Remember to copy the following 2 images as well.
    If you are using frameworks like Thesis or Genesis you can add them to the custom CSS options they provide. It will reduce an extra file request to the CSS file on your server.

    I don’t understand any on this.

    • Shabbir

      Just ignore them as of now and they are optional settings for those who don’t want to have yet another CSS file included on pages and want to combine them to their existing CSS files.

  • Saba

    I am having issues with finding where CSS theme is. I am lost with all of that CSS talk. I use Pagelines as a theme if that matters. But I don’t have a name & email box with the little picture and I don’t know what to do.

    • Shabbir

      Saba, not sure I am able to understand your CSS issue. Can you please elaborate.

  • Dan

    Hi, nice plugin! Thanks!!

    Looking now for a way to have the cursor blinking in the email field, so it is even more inviting…do you have an idea how to do this, I can only do that with HTML pages…



    • Shabbir

      Should be a simple JavaScript code to get that done Dan.

  • Glen

    Hi Shabbir,

    Had a lot of problems with part of form dissappear. Discontinued use for a while. Currently a little busy to deal with it anyway.



  • Chris Jaeger

    Is there a way to change the blue color of the subscription box?

    Also, change the tag/label in the Name box to Full Name (as in First/Last)?

    Otherwise, I just found this plugin, installed it and it’s working in 20 minutes at

    Great job!


    • Chris Jaeger

      Scratch that… found it in CSS.


      • Shabbir

        Yes you can add the needed CSS things in your theme’s CSS file under the id #footerform. Glad you already found that Chris.

  • Shabbir

    I have updated the plugin to add lot of features as well as solve lot of jQuery bugs. To summarize following changes are done.

    • Default Text of all form fields like Name, Email and submit button.
    • Option to add CSS from the Plugin CSS file or copy the same into theme CSS File and exlude the plugin CSS file.
    • Option to Remove – Close for Now and Never Show Again links
    • Optional name field.
    • Use of WordPress support for jQuery as well as make it optional so user can use the jQuery emebeded by theme or other plugins.

    I have tried to covered every request in the comments here and if you have anything more do let me know.

  • Steve Davis

    Nice plugin but it would be even better if a Header version was available! I want optin at TOP of page…

    • Shabbir

      Having at top is slightly irritating for users because it needs lot more space and so have no plans to make it as part of plugin but I can get that done for you if you want.

  • Sheree

    Using WP Kaboodle theme. When we install the aweber slider our slider panels above disappears. Pls advise how do we amend this and still have your aweber slider functioning. Thanks!

    • Shabbir

      Sheree, can you share your blog url and so I can see the theme in action.

      • Sheree

        Here’s the demo The slider panels at the top disappears once the plugin is installed.

        • Shabbir

          There is a jQuery conflict. I am coming up with new version of the plugin that should solve such issues but as of now if you are fine commenting one line of code that should solve the issue.

          • Sheree

            Don’t quite understand “if you are fine commenting one line of code that should solve the issue.” Could you elaborate.

            • Shabbir

              You have to comment one line in the file to make it work with the current theme or you can wait for few days and I will come up with new version of the plugin that would solve the issue. The plugin update is expected in mid April.

              Let me know if you are comfortable editing the file and I can let you know what needs an edit.

  • John

    Hi Shabbir,
    Thanks so much for the great plugin!
    I am in the process of changing some things, but can’t seem to get my Tagline or Ebook image to show up. I have entered both in the admin settings page, and also tried changing the Tagline in awfs.php file. The default tagline continues to show up.
    Is there a certain size my .jpg file has to be, or maybe another format?

    Thanks again.

    • Shabbir

      John, do you have any cache plugin because if you enter the content in the admin option it should show up. Also I see your tagline as Grab Your FREE RE-BRANDABLE EBOOK. Enter Your Info.

      • John

        Hi Shabbir,

        Thanks for your response. It is working. It just took longer to show up than most things I edit. Again, Thank You for the fantastic plugin. It’s great.

  • Glen

    Plug-in Slide-up Web-form
    You said under edit, paste in html. Where do I paste it?

    • Shabbir

      Glen, the detail instructions are here

  • John S

    Hi – I like the idea but I can’t get it to work. I followed the instructions. The file is in my w-contents folder but not in my header.php or footer.php folders.

    It wasn’t clear when copying the tracking code, whether its just the code within the img tags or the div tags. Do you delete it from the main code box after you have copied it?

    I really need this to work because I have just taken on an aweber account thinking this would work for sure.

    Thanks for the support,

    • Shabbir

      HI John, It would work for sure. Share your blog url because there is nothing needed when it comes to copying files. I have more detailed installation instructions as well here and see if that helps. Let me know more and I will be more than happy to make it work for you.

  • Roland Chandler

    Hi Shabbir

    I am having a conflict between this plugin and J-shortcodes. Do you have any suggestions? When both are activated, the J-shortcodes accordion menu just behaves as a normal link.

    • Shabbir

      I have not used J-shortcodes and so if you can show me I may be able to help.

  • Geza

    Hi Shabbir!
    I have an error when i try to install the plugin, it says:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in D:\Program Files\EasyPHP-\www\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\aweber-footer-slideup\awfs.php on line 114

    • Shabbir

      Geza, I am using the latest version of the plugin on my blog here and also I tested on my local host in Windows environment and I don’t see any issues. On line 114 there is nothing in that file and so I would suggest if you can remove the plugin and install once again and see if it solves the problem. If not you can contact me to look into your server and I will be more than happy to fix the issue for you.

    • Shabbir

      BTW I just upgraded the plugin to remove that unwanted new line in PHP and I hope it should work.

  • Dean

    Hi, I’ve installed the plugin as per your instructions. It pops up along the bottom of the page but the fields to enter name and email are not there? Was there something else I need to do to get those input boxes?

    • Shabbir

      I think you have messed up the HTML because there is nothing much to do for getting the input boxes. Share your blog and I will be more than happy to have a look.

  • Ace

    Hi there, am having difficultly setting this up on my site, does it work on Version 3.1.2? I followed the instruction details but doesn’t seem to work at all (I’ve kept it live on so you can check it out). Thanks very much.

    • Ace

      Sorry have got this working now! Realise I had included on div too many! :-)

      • Shabbir

        Great to see that. Let me know if you encounter any more issues.

  • David

    Will it work for 3.11?

    WordPress page says only 2.9. Please advice.

    • Shabbir

      David, yes it works with WordPress 3.1.1 and that data is not updated.

  • Dale

    Is there a way to delete the Close for Now and/or Never Show Again? I hit close for now and the opt in never came back. I had to delete the site from my cookies

    • Shabbir

      Do you mean you want that form to be always there for the user. It will need few changes in the CSS files. Will you be able to do it? If yes I can suggest it to you.

  • Shabbir

    I have updated the installation instruction with lots of details. See here

  • JFB

    Indulge this noobie because I don’t understand the “Hidden Div” and instructions.

    I didn’t find either when searching the html code for my AWeber form.

    • Shabbir

      Hi JFB, Did you get the RAW HTML code for your form.

      • JFB

        Yes. Of course I have the html code.

        But what remains terribly unclear is just what snippet of code to use. EXACTLY, PRECISELY from what to where in that snarl of AWeber jibberish.

        By the way, the red text instruction next to the input box of the plugin in the admin area of a WP site, is missing a key word, namely – –

        • JFB

          The instruction is missing this – before the word “tag”.

          • Shabbir

            Thanks for pointing that out and it FORM tag where I have used the HTML and it is not formated well.

  • gregory

    Hi Love the plugin hiwever at the bottom of the blog it shows a blue line and when uI close the line then the forms show up. Then i see there are form fileds to fill in but I only need to fill in the two.

    So can you state where to where to copy from aweber – i took from hidden to the end but I believe that is causing duplicatte fieldss to show up .

    its on the blog under my name – you will see its kinda funky display at the bottom.

    aany suggestions to fix this.

    Thanks Greg

    • Shabbir

      Greg, It looks like you have messed up with the html. I am in process of putting up a very detailed install instruction with lots of screen shots this weekend and that should help.

  • Bob Fraser

    I would like to use your plug in but I just don’t know WHERE to paste the code from the Aweber generated bit. I have the right bit of code copied to my clipboard, but I don’t see any direction on where to paste it in the “Aweber Footer Slide-up” window in ‘edit’ … I’m kind of a newbie so please try to be specific. i.e., “Paste the Aweber snippet right after THIS BIT OF CODE in the edit window”


    • Shabbir

      Hi Bob, Under the Settings Menu You will see option of AWeber Footer Slide-up. Click on that link and you will see option to place the code.

  • Imnica Mail

    This is great plugin, could you please make it for Imnica Mail ? they are new but start growing


    • Shabbir

      Sorry but I have plans of doing it for Imnica

      • Jss Tripler Rock

        Do you mean Have no plan or have plan doing it for imnica ?


        • Shabbir

          I have no plans doing it for imnica

  • Kasper

    Can’t get the form to work propper. The name field and email field is not there.

    • Shabbir

      Can you explain what is the issue. The name and email fields are by default added for a horizontal display. Share your Blog URL and I will be more than happy to look into it.