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I do lot of experimentation on new ways to internet marketing strategies for my web properties and like to share my experiences on how to be a better online entrepreneur @ IMTips.co. I help online entrepreneurs with resources on ways to make money online doing freelancing, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging and lot more. I try to give back to the community my experiences on how to be a better and more productive online entrepreneur.

About Shabbir Bhimani

I am Kalyani University graduate with B.Tech in IT (Information Technology).

When I started …

14th June 2004 Monday is when I started my first full time job but before getting into my full time job (i.e. when I was in college) I was doing few freelancing work especially homework help type of projects. After completing the college I joined a full time job and that is when I realized that freelancing is not something that can be done along with a full time day job. Clients pay you to get the task done as fast as possible and many a times being in a day job becomes a hindrance. So I decided not to continue very actively with freelancing but do something where I can work in my free time.

I started researching online and finally decided that sharing my content online is one of those few things which can be done when I have free time i.e. after reaching home from my full time job and on weekends. At that time I thought of going for a blog but as blogging was something relatively new at that time and I figured out that blogging is something where I constantly need to write and I was not sure if I can manage that along with my full time job and so I decided to go with online forums.

Job and Online …

I was never satisfied with my days job and was into my third job in 12 months. I always found a reason to switch …

  1. First Job was Visual Basic development and maintenance job and as I was more inclined towards web, I started to look for a web related job.
  2. Second Job was an SEO job but I started to get the feel that no this is not the kind of work I prefer and so I started to look for a C++ Job. I always was a Fan of C and C++ in my college days.
  3. Third Job was a C++ job and this is when I started to feel that I have no more option (read reason) to switch jobs and this was the time I decided I will work more towards my own business online.

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In the NEWS

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