How to Find the Most Shared Content On A WordPress Blog?


I wanted to know what content is being shared on social media the most from my blogs and I was surprised to see there isn’t any plugin for it. So I thought of creating a plugin for it.

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10 Key insights to writing an awesome ad copy

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10 Key insights to writing an awesome ad copy to drive more users engagement and create an everlasting impressions of your ads

Bong excuses for not trying to be an Entrepreneur


I have seen some really weird reasons for not trying to be an entrepreneur by Bengali’s and so let me share the top excuses. No 4 will blow your mind.

Unboxing my iPhone 6 from Infibeam – My first Infibeam experience & review


Infibeam is the only authorized resellers of iPhone online and they do guarantee same day shipping. Here is my first experience of Infibeam for iPhone 6

How to Measure Actual Bounce Rate in Google Analytics


Reader spends a fraction of a second on one site and a minute on other and then closes the browser. Google Analytics reports both as bounce but is later a bounce? if not how do you track the actual bounce rate?

Is This The Right Time to be An Entrepreneur / Self Employed / Blogger?


Pros and cons of being an entrepreneur or self employed or freelancer or an online blogger now and may be few years earlier and few years later.

5 Ways to Keep Your Email Leads Active And Interested

"MARKETING" Sketch Notes on Blackboard (advertising management)

Build a relationship with your audience to add value. You have to invest in your relationship first and then the readers will follow.

4 Signs Why Introverts Can Be Better Bloggers?


Being introvert in the real world, does not mean being introvert online as well and so lets see why introverts can be better at blogging and content marketing.

5 Perspective Changes From Being an Employee to Becoming an Entrepreneur


Entrepreneurs have a different perspective and I have seen that there is a considerable amount of difference in perspective when it comes to being an employee and being an entrepreneur or an employer.

How Google India’s Smart Payment Option Save The Service Tax


How Google India Saves 12.36% Service Tax and more importantly how it can impacts you as Adsense publisher and Adwords advertiser

3 Email Marketing Strategies That Actually Works


Let me share with you few email marketing strategies that work for me along with pros and cons of each of them so you can choose the one that is right for your kind of audience.

Understanding When Data Analysis Do More Harm than Good

colored pencils

With so many options for data analysis and metrics to look at alongside the readily available tools to perform A/B testing on almost every element on the sales pages that lot of people do it wrongly.

How to Stop WordPress Comment Spam – Why We Shouldn’t Turn Off Comments


Comments are your reader’s voice and just because your blog is getting too many spam does not mean you should turn off comments completely.

SendGrid Vs Mandrill Vs Amazon SES – Why Preferred Choice is Mandrill


I have used three services SendGrid, Amazon SES, and Mandrill on and will share the pros and cons of each of them so you can decide which one works best for your needs.