Want to Quit your Job? The 6 step process I used to quit my job


Blog readers, school friends as well as ex-colleague discuss about starting a business with me but more often they are mentally not prepared for quitting the job.

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The Biggest Myth About Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship


You may have read lot of articles about 10 biggest myths about entrepreneurship or top 5 myths about entrepreneurship but then which is the biggest among it all.

How to Find the Right Niche for Blogging – A Step By Step Process


Google “How to Find Blog Niche” and you will see thousands of articles that can help you decide on blog niche. Each of those articles is different than my step by step process of selecting a perfect niche for your blog.

How to Approach Online Marketing In a Super Competitive Niche?


Recently I had a discussion with a friend who is a lead developer for a travel related website. The site is not only about hotels in different cities but their website also focuses on other options for accommodations.

How to Find the Most Shared Content On A WordPress Blog?


I wanted to know what content is being shared on social media the most from my blogs and I was surprised to see there isn’t any plugin for it. So I thought of creating a plugin for it.

Off for a month Long Vacation

It has been long time since I have taken a long vacation, so it was overdue for quite some time now and so in this October, I finally decided to take one. I will be off for a month long vacation with my family and will be back on 27th of October. You can keep […]